Established in 2000, This shop was rated # 1 in Las Vegas NVEstablished in 2000 • 9 Barbers • Multilingual • ATM Available

Our Barbers

Hi, My name is Robert “Buddy” Menchara. We are proud to be your Barber’s. I would like to tell you a little about myself. I come from Texas. I have been a Barber for almost forty years. I had special training under the school of Sassoon. I have always loved cutting hair. I also love sports and you can always find me on the golf course. We would like to thank you for coming to Village Barber’s and hope you will return.


Hi, My name is Carol. I have been a hairstylist for twenty-one years. I have a passion for hair and styling. My best skill is to give you the best hairstyle that you desire. I have a barber and cosmetology license, allowing me to also do color, boldness and creativity. I am a social social person, and enjoy being around people. This profession brings me great joy, and I strive to make my customers happy with their end product.


Hello, My name is Bruce Lee. I am from South Korea. I came to America in 1973, when I was twenty-four years old. I have been a barber for thirty-four years. I have a special skill set using scissors. It is often imitated but never duplicated. I keep it original, classic, and traditional. My family has many generations of barbers.



Hi, My name is Gayle Prince. I have been in the hair business for forty plus years. I moved to Henderson Nevada fourteen years ago from San Francisco with my husband and son. I have owned and operated nine hair salons for over thirty years. My training has been in Paris, Canada, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I am a color specialist and have worked as a platform artist and trainer for Clairol for seven years. I have done hair for movies, television shows and have traveled doing hair for professional clients. I have traveled doing hair at the US Open, Wimbledon, as well as the French Open. I have had many wonderful experiences doing hair and still enjoy getting up every day to come to Village Barbers to do hair.

Welcome to Village Barber Shop. My name is Bob Leonard. I have been a barber for over fifty years. I graduated from Akron (Ohio) Barber College and have worked in the Akron area until 1996. My wife and I then decided to move to Las Vegas. It was our favorite place to visit, so we decided to make it our home. In 1998 we bought a home at MacDonald Ranch, before the plaza and barbershop were thought of. I was planning on retiring until one day I drove by the new barbershop; I stopped and asked if they were looking for help. The rest is history; I started working five days a week. Through the years I have cut back to three days a week. I have enjoyed being a barber from day one. I enjoy meeting new people and feel it’s a privilege to be working at Village Barber and have my regular customers. It was hard to leave our family in Ohio, but our children have followed us out here. Our family keeps growing and we have been blessed with grandchildren and great grandchildren. We now call Las Vegas home.